Features of behavior and treatment of acute respiratory infections in infants.

ARI, SARS or the flu for an adult person sometimes causes difficult for, to say nothing about the little child. Most mothers of children first year of life suffer very much if their child has a cold. And rightly so, as the child has more the likelihood of complications than that of an adult. Of course, prevention of acute respiratory infections is very important (about the prevention of ARD can be read here) but what to do if Your child is already sick? In our article we will try to answer the questions: how does acute respiratory infections in infants, what to do if you suspect acute respiratory infections, and how to treat little patient.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute respiratory diseases in infants

First of all, we must remember that leak of acute respiratory infections in infants may be different. Complicated is the fact that a child cannot answer, where he hurts. So, the first signs of acute respiratory disease in infants can be:

– rhinitis;

– cough (wet or dry);

– increased body temperature;

– anxiety and frequent crying;

– loss of appetite;

– lethargy and apathy.

Alarming symptoms of cold in infants are frequent heavy breathing with a whistling sound (spasm), not bring down the temperature is above 39 degrees, convulsions and loss of consciousness. In the event of such symptoms, you need to call an ambulance.

At an elevated temperature of the body of the child and the suspected infection ARD should call district pediatrician at home. At normal body temperature, you should contact the clinic yourself. It is a pediatrician examined the child can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment.

the Course and treatment of acute respiratory infections in infants

the Complexity and duration of occurrence of acute respiratory infections in infants depends on many factors, such as: your own immune system of the child, the presence of concomitant somatic diseases, the presence of artificial or natural feeding conditions in which the child lives (sufficient humidity and temperature of air in the room) and more.

the children of the first year of life, acute respiratory infections quite easily complicated by diseases such as otitis media, sinusitis, bronchitis and even pneumonia, so it is very important to follow all recommendations of your doctor.

the Most difficult for children of the first year of life is the flow of flu. This disease is characterized by a high degree of intoxication of the organism, rapid dehydration and high risk of complications. Therefore, if the diagnosis of influenza in the newborn and the proposal for the hospitalization of a child not in a hurry to give it up.

the Pro features of the treatment of acute respiratory infections in infants, we read in the second part of the article.

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