Treatment of acute respiratory diseases folk remedies

ARI is a frequent visitor in the autumn-winter period. I doubt that there is at least one person has never in his life did not catch the virus in the street, in school, University, work… Everyone is familiar with such unpleasant phenomena as body aches, weakness, and other symptoms of cold. And all of us immediately after the first signs of a run to the pharmacy for a magic pill. Is it worth taking all this chemistry can be cured or ARD other methods? Today in our article we will talk about the treatment of acute respiratory diseases of folk remedies.

since ancient times were known therapeutic action of various herbs and tinctures, extracts and so on. Do not neglect the old proven methods and now. Will assist to overcome cold warm tea with a high content of vitamin C (with raspberry, lemon, sea buckthorn, rosehip), bee products, as well as onions and garlic. Just below we present the basic principles symptomatic treatment of acute respiratory infections folk remedies.

ARD Treatment folk remedies – runny nose

Runny nose with a cold may be a nuisance. Nasal congestion can lead to headaches, poor sleep and even sinusitis. To get rid of cold at home, you can cook drops of juice of garlic and/or onions, diluted with water. Such drops quickly “breaks through” the nose and perfectly cope with the isolation of the virus. Also in the nasal passages can be used to treat essential oil of peppermint, eucalyptus, sea buckthorn, pre-diluted in olive oil, or rosehip oil.

ARD Treatment folk remedies – sore throat and cough

for sore throat great help decoctions of chamomile and sage, which should be regularly polosati the oral cavity. As well as the rinse solution is well suited diluted with water radish juice with honey. When you cough you can take lemon juice with honey, the juice of black radish with honey, and warming mixture of oils of peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus and other herbs. So you can do the same for inhalation of these essential oils.

ARD Treatment folk remedies – temperature

At a high temperature, you can use grated raw potatoes with vinegar, wrapped in a rag. Compress should be applied on the forehead of the patient. As often help sponging the patient with a mixture of vinegar and water. This mixture should be consumed carefully as this may lead to intoxication. Wipe the disc areas of the skin, where the large vessels (elbow and knee bends, inner thighs, feet, hands and forehead).

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Video about the treatment of acute respiratory diseases folk remedies

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