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Prevention of acute respiratory infections

Ended carefree summer, and autumn came. Well when this time of the year is Sunny and warm, but when it’s grey and rainy, it very often comes to the Blues and, of course, well-known cold. And began a period of sick leave, one after the other. The head of the family became ill at work, the child picked up a virus at school. What do you do to stay healthy and not get sick? In this article we will focus on the prevention of acute respiratory infections.

in order to have an idea about what exactly is it we recommend you read our articles: “ARD – General concepts” and “the Main symptoms of cold”.

Principles of prevention of acute respiratory infections

How not to get sick when everyone around me sneeze and cough? This question is rather rhetorical. the Main basic principles of prevention of acute respiratory infections are two of the banal principle, namely:

  1. reducing the possibility of infection
  2. strengthening the immune system.

let us look at these two points in more detail.

Reducing the possibility of infection, as a method of prevention of acute respiratory infections

Everyone knows that the source of all ARD infected people. Often disease SARS is a problem in big cities. It is difficult to imagine an epidemic of acute respiratory disease somewhere in the backwoods of Siberia, where the population density is not so high. There is no contact with the patient – no OCR. But in most cases many of us with major cities. How can you not get sick if in a subway car at least 3-5 people spread the virus. How not to get sick the child if in the school for two just a child? Here we, unfortunately, can not do anything, except how to minimize contact with infected people. Don’t hesitate in epidemic to carry individual gauze bandage and dress her up in the truck – it will greatly reduce the probability of infection. At work, often ventilate the room, and go out to breathe fresh air and bask in the sun – ultraviolet disastrous effect on the virus). Send sick employees honored at hospital. Try to visit crowded places. Concerts, shows and other big events during the outbreak can bring to obtain moral pleasure and disease.

If someone got sick in the household do not necessarily have to resettle him “quarantined” in the other room. More often than not to prevent infection, it’s enough to follow simple rules, such as:

– regular airing of the premises;

– regular wet cleaning of the premises;

– ensuring patient’s individual personal things (towel, handkerchiefs, Cup, plate, Cutlery);

– wearing of all members of the family gauze bandages (healthy is to reduce the possibility of infection, patients to decrease the spread of the virus in the room with the body fluids);

in bed sick – to enhance recovery from disease.

All these rules may seem trivial and simple, they really can help in the prevention of acute respiratory disease? We all often underestimate the importance of these basic rules. Causative agents of acute respiratory infections are viruses, which have a rather high contagious (contagious), so do not forget about these simple rules.

the second paragraph of the principle of prevention of acute respiratory infections, namely on ways to strengthen the immune system and strengthen the immune response can be read in the second part of our article.

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