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Prevention of influenza and ARD

Does not like to seek anybody. But there is not one person who never in his life been sick with colds. Why is this happening? Because of acute respiratory disease caused by viruses are very contagious (contagious). Is there no way to protect yourself from disease? This is a question everyone asks. To ensure that no disease is impossible, but there are ways to prevent influenza and other acute respiratory infections. In the first part of the article we examined the prevention by reducing the possibility of infection. In this article we will focus on the second, equally important component of the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections, namely the strengthening and stimulation of the immune system.

Increased resistance to influenza and other acute respiratory infections is possible in several ways, namely:

– activation and stimulation of local immunity;

– provide specific immunity method of vaccination;

– the application of various tools and methods to stimulate General immunity.

Prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections through the activation of local immunity

What is local immunity? Local immunity is a response of the mucosa “entrance gate” for falling on her infection. For example, in contact with the virus in the nasopharynx mucosa of these organs produces mucus that contains special cells called the defenders, which kill the virus. If these cells are insufficient or they are produced slowly, the probability of a disease organism to become higher. There are special drugs that contain fragments of bacteria and viruses, artificially stimulating the production of cells defenders. Accordingly, when applying these tools, the body is always “sick” and can quickly overwhelm caught the virus. Unfortunately, this method is not 100%, as local immunity is closely connected with General immunity. I mean, when lower local immunity will also be poor, and therefore these drugs will have a low coefficient of actions. Besides, there are many factors affecting the operation of local immunity, namely, temperature and humidity, microbiological composition of saliva and more.

Prevention of influenza and acute respiratory diseases using vaccination

a More reliable prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections is providing specific immunity method of vaccination. It would seem that this method of prevention has to be 100% effective, but it’s not that simple. The fact is that the flu virus is very variable. And vaccination is usually carried out against one of the alleged upcoming season species. No one knows exactly what type of flu virus will be this year, and therefore vaccination cannot give a full guarantee of the absence of the disease. Be vaccinated against the flu, of course, will not prevent, but you need to remember that vaccination is not a panacea. What to do, you ask? The answer is banal and simple. You need to activate and stimulate the immune system, so that at the right moment he gave us full protection.

Prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections Immunostimulants

Prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections by a method of stimulation of the immune system available to each of us. The recipe is quite simple. That immunity was a strong need to observe the correct way of life, namely, a properly balanced diet to have a healthy sleep, daily spending time in the fresh air, engage in moderate exercise, to get rid of bad habits, and steeled. Of course very few of us can comply with these rules. That is why the scientific staff of Art life company have developed a special system for natural stimulate General immunity, namely the program “Strong immune system”. This complex consists of biologically active substances of natural origin that naturally restores Your immune system to the maximum level, and will provide reliable protection in the period of the epidemic.

you Need to remember that prevention of the flu is definitely an integrated approach to the problem.

a Video about non-standard method of prevention of acute respiratory infections

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