Сорбенты - сравнение аналогов

Sorbents – comparison of analogues Enterosgel, Lithovit, Smectite, Polyphepanum, Toksfayter Suite Leave a comment

Sorbents - comparison counterparts

What are the sorbents have?

Pharmacy sorbents is built on the principle of physical adsorption, typically, this one-piece mineral products (“Enterosgel”) or vegetable (“Polyphepanum”) origin. in our article we present the main sorbents and make a comparison counterparts.

we Present the most popular on the market of modern drugs:


“Enterosgel” OOO TNK silme – the range of indications is much narrower
release form – paste is not always convenient when used. Side effect: violation of the gastrointestinal tract.


“Smectite” IPSEN PHARMA (France) – does not have
detoxifying, removes carcinogens and heavy metals, has a weak detoxication effect. The drug is mainly
effective only in acute functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, light food poisoning, food allergies.


“Polyphepanum” CJSC SINTEK – only the intestinal sorbent, is not universal sorbent.


Supplements to food series “Lithovit” LLC “Nov” (Russia) – are not
universal sorbents, have a wide range of contraindications and side effects (“Lithovit” – irritant effect on mucous
the lining of the stomach, “Lithovit To” – in addition to the above described, cause iodism, diarrhea, etc.).

these drugs and most of their counterparts in efficiency and yield “Toksfayter Suite” – they act only as intestinal sorbents, sorption action is only temporary moderate detoxification and detoxification effects.

today, “toxfighter Lux” — only universal (“polyvalent”) enterosorbent.

Toksfayter comparison reviews analogues

Competitive advantage “Toksfayter Suite”

“Toksfayter Suite” can be used as a standalone separate set and in the composition
programmes aimed at the improvement of metabolic processes in the digestive tract, improving the functioning of natural systems of detoxification.

Drug “Toksfayter Suite is included with anti-parasitic of the program “STOP the parasites”

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