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Toksfayter luxury – binds and removes toxic products and toxins from the body. Helps to produce cell and organ “cleansing” of the liver, kidney, intestine, gall bladder. The drug has anthelmintic, choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Normal metabolism, the body heals as a whole, strengthening the immune system and most importantly – no early aging.


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One of the major syndromes of many diseases is intoxication. It can be caused by internal factors (intermediate products improper metabolism) and external (pathogens and their waste products, as well as the effects of pollution). Intoxication – this is the main reason for the weakness, headache, joint pain, fatigue, elevated temperature. Intoxication may occur due to violations of their traditional way of food, various errors in the diet in the form of abuse of fatty or sugary foods. Elimination of intoxication accompanied by feeling better and faster recovery from an illness.

Chelators – substances which accelerate and facilitate the removal of toxins from the body by natural means, which in turn reduces the degree of intoxication.

Toksfayter luxury – is a highly complex enterosorbent plant-based components with the ability to securely bind and excrete toxic substances of any origin. The composition with wheat bran, plantain leaf, sublimated beet and apple pectin firmly bind and excrete radionuclides, heavy metal ions and toxic metabolites. Plant extracts have anti-inflammatory, choleretic and antispasmodic action helps to improve digestion in the background detoxification. Enzymes papain and bromelain cleaves bolus, as well as stimulate the activity of local immune cells destroying pathogens. Lactobacilli included in biocomplex Toksfayter luxury, carefully preserve the natural gut flora in the background removing toxins.


  • dysfunction and gastrointestinal infections
  • acute and chronic infections
  • infectious and non-infectious skin diseases
  • allergic reactions
  • intoxication due to food poisoning
  • drug intoxication, including anabolic agents after administration
  • work in harmful conditions, production or unfavorable environmental conditions

Recommendations for use, dosage: BAA “Toksfayter luxury” is recommended as a source of arbutin, tannins, sennosides, glycyrrhizic acid, dietary fiber, flavonoids, probiotic microorganisms (Lactobacillus). Adults take 3 capsules 4 times a day with meals. Course duration is 2-3 weeks. Not a cure.

Acquisition of 12 capsules (recommended daily dose) Ensure supply:


The Amount

% Of CPR





sennosides A and B




glycyrrhizic acid
















Dosing: Adults 3 capsules 2-3 times a day with meals. Toksfayter luxury in the form of powder to make adults and 1 teaspoon (3.5 g, pre-diluted in a glass of boiled water) 2 times a day with meals.

Receiving the recommended dose will provide intake of dietary fiber – 3,5g – 18%; flavonoids – 14mg – 46%; inulin – 420mg – 5% of the daily requirement

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity of the components, pregnancy, breast-feeding, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage. Do not combine with taking drugs. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture.

Storage: Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children.

Not a cure.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion number on 18.07.2005
The quality management system and security of “Artlife” certified according to ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP and GMP


14 capsules (weighing 0.6 g each) comprise: Wheat bran 4200 mg; plantain (leaf) 900 mg; beet sublimated 450 mg; St. John’s Wort 150 mg; Birch (leaf) 150 mg; flax (seed) 120 mg; knot-grass (knotweed) 120 mg; thoroughwax 120 mg; lingonberry (leaf) 120 mg; wild rose (fruit) 90 mg; Tansy (flowers) 90 mg; Spirulina is 76 mg; black walnut (fruit) 60 mg; Yarrow 60 mg; Clover 60 mg;
Chlorella 30 mg; gammaorizanol 30 mg; lactobacilli 23 mg; apple pectin 18 mg; Pumpkin (seed) 18 mg; Licorice (root extract) 15 mg; Senna (pods) 15 mg; Milk Thistle (Milk Thistle) 15 mg; motherwort 15 mg; 9 mg papain; alfalfa 9 mg; Dandelion (root) 8 mg; Burdock (root) 8 mg; 2 mg bromelain.

Toksfayter luxury prevention of acute and chronic diseases.

Toksfayter luxury is classified enterosorbents, the application of which is the prevention of acute and chronic diseases. Enterosobenty create optimal conditions for the life of cells in the body, improve the body’s resistance to disease and help in the treatment of chemotherapy or with other dietary supplements.

Do you want to be forever young? Begin Toksfayter luxury you drink!

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