Лечение невроза препараты от неврозов

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Treatment of neurosis drugs from neuroses

Remember the phrase from the cartoon of our childhood of Carlson, who encouraged us all to peace and only peace of mind?

the Hero, though a fantasy writer, and said he did the right thing. It is said, and it has long been known to us all that all our diseases are associated with nerves. Okay, well, not all. Sometimes problems in terms of health arise because of promiscuity in sexual relations. But it “…that’s a different story.” And now we will talk about what our lack of peace often leads to disorder and neurosis. And, as a consequence, internal disharmony caused by lack of peace of mind, and later neurosis. If time does not resort to using drugs for the treatment of neurosis, similar to the situation today can result in very serious problems in the future.

the neuroses observed low self-esteem, indecision, often overcoming fears, without any reason, phobias, problems of communication. In such a person’s behavior is often observed the change in mood. The slightest stress can cause aggressive reaction in human behavior. Begins to annoy all: loud noise, bright light, too high or too low temperature. And after a while people are already in despair, which is accompanied by tears, insults and self-flagellation. A neurosis can be caused a marked decline in memory, mental activity and attention. As a consequence, problems may arise at work, because not only what the employer is willing to endure emotional swings such employee. The fear of losing a stable income only exacerbates the situation. But, when a person is in a state of neurosis is trying to hide from their problems, trying to sleep, he is faced with a new challenge. Sleep becomes more difficult, the sleep becomes shallow and disturbing. Perhaps the secret service officers after prolonged exercise and can recover their strength after 15 sleep, but unfortunately – it is not about us. Lack of sleep affects the appearance, and the subsequent emotional state. A man in a state of neurosis is unlikely to interest a lady. Yes and often the similar condition in men adversely affects potency. So you need to start to treat neuroses.

to Prevent and combat such neuroshima States help preparations for the treatment of neuroses. These drugs have a positive effect on both psychological and physiological state of a person. Decreases, and eventually disappears the pain in the heart, the stomach, leaving a headache; contribute to the normalization of pressure. While taking drugs dizziness passes, there is the appetite. Remember, the neurosis itself will not. The earlier one you start taking the drugs, the faster and more stable will be the result.

Treatment of neurosis herbal remedies

Some people believe that neurosis is a lot of neurotics. But it is not so. This disease may be subjected to any, even the most healthy person. And, in this case, does not play a role neither age, nor sex, nor nationality. A marked discrepancy of the desired and reality is the main cause of neurosis. The current economic condition is causing a person’s internal conflict. Awareness of the problem does not occur immediately. The condition is aggravated by prolonged exhausting exercise, lack of reasonable periodic rest and relaxation. We have lost sight of that a person not a machine but a living organism that requires regular recover wasted energy and emotion. Although, heredity should not leave it. And yet, neuroses are more people insecure and anxious. One of the main manifestations of neurosis is increased anxiety. Many neurotics are constantly afraid to go crazy, some get a panicky fear of animals or people. Others obsessed with the fear of severe disease or death. Both can be safely attributed to the category of phobias. All these fears adversely affect the person’s emotional state and are accompanied by emotional anxiety. Such people every second are in a state of waiting for something irreparable. In my head constantly present scenario of negative events that have already occurred and involuntary simulation of these events on themselves. Nervousness, imbalance and anxiety is reflected on the physical condition. This and the tension in the muscles, and difficulty in achieving relaxation. This leads to the so-called motor alarm. Causing restlessness, accompanied by increased muscle tension and tremor.

If such violations are nervous condition change biochemical processes in the brain. But all these violations can be corrected medicinal drugs.

today, modern medicine has a wide range of efficient, drugs, treating neurosis. They can be used to cope with depression, normalizing moods, overcome anxiety. The effect of such drugs very clearly. Thus, the use of such drugs, treating neurosis, do not require additional emotional and mental effort. The healing process occurs independently from everyday human activity. The main advantage such is the incontrovertible fact that the cost of treatment is significantly lower than the cost of psychotherapy sessions.

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